Membership Levels and Benefits:

Business Membership- $320.00 per year: Includes transferable membership for two owners/employees, two monthly luncheons, and listing in WOTS membership directory.

Individual Membership -$165.00 per year: Includes monthly luncheons, listing in WOTS membership directory.

Affiliate Membership-$65.00 per year: Includes listing in WOTS membership directory. Lunch for Afiliates is $15.00.

Guests: Lunch for Guests is $20.00.

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Why We Joined and What We Bring:

“I joined the WOTS in order to connect with dynamic and interesting women. As a newcomer I wanted to meet people and learn about the community. What I believe I bring to WOTS is a perspective of healing and positively.”

– Mary Augustyn

“I joined WOTS to be more involved and informed in the working force of our community and it being geared towards women’s networking was a huge a plus for me. I really enjoy the fact I can share and promote my business to a group of women that support the community. The speakers are geared towards women’s interests both personal and professional. It’s just a great way to meet people that are like minded.

As far as what I bring to WOTS, I think it’s more along the fact that together we bring a unique perspective to the county. By supporting women in business and promoting women’s issues – together we become a formidable force for change in the community. We support women’s education with the scholarship and women’s need with our fund raising efforts. I think that we bring a much needed focus to our community.”

– Jenny Doris

“As a one woman photography office, I need a lot of additional help and services that I can’t do myself. Networking through WOTS is a way to hire some of the other skills that I don’t have, to keep up in the local business circles, and to meet new clients & friends! I joined WOTS months before we moved back to Summit County to get a jump start on relocating my business here. To WOTS I bring energy, enthusiasm, photography & artistic skills, volunteer time, a role model for Summit County young women, and unique resources.”

– Kay Beaton

“When newer to Summit County I was looking for a group of like minded professional business women that I could network with and start friendships. Now a veteran Summit County person my reasons for staying a member are the same networking and friendships.”

– Sylvia Dowty