Featured Member

Featured Member

Consuelo Redhorse
United Professional Management, Inc.

You can’t miss her as you walk in the door of a Women of the Summit meeting.  Ms. Consuelo Redhorse is the radiant person checking people in and getting everybody settled.

A self-proclaimed ‘Super Organizer,’ she is the Bookkeeper and Office Manager at United Professional Management in Frisco, Colorado.  Consuelo is part of a three person Team (including an in-house licensed contractor for maintenance) who specialize in providing professional long-term residential and commercial leasing services with a personal touch.

Consuelo is the behind-the-scenes person supporting the company owner Bonnie Cole, the property owners, and the residents.  This may involve reporting on balance sheets, researching trends, posting bills, preparing property tax reports, or organizing the office for the day-to-day operations.

This small one-stop shop helps lease your properties, but a big part of their philosophy is supporting both the owners and residents.  It’s important to United Professional Management to make things easy for the owners: this could be getting bids for a property maintenance project to collecting and packaging information so that owners know what is going on after contacting just one person.

‘Professional and Personal’ could be their tag line . . .

It’s hard to believe that Consuelo has only been in the County a little over the year.  She made her way to Summit County in August 2011, with her husband Jake and daughter Jaxon, when United Professional Management relocated from their Boulder office.  Soon after arriving in Frisco, she and Bonnie started attending Women of the Summit meetings and United Professional Management became a business member in September 2011.  One thing Consuelo really likes is the diverse nature of both the group and the programs.  Getting out of work to have lunch and socialize with everybody is a bonus!

Consuelo’s personable nature has led her to volunteer as our current Membership Chair.  In this role, she uses her “super-organization” talents to  maintain our membership databases.  What she REALLY enjoys though is working with our members and getting to meet the new members, plus getting people excited about the programs.  It’s important to Consuelo that each member know that they are valued as individuals . . . that they are ‘super members!’

You’ve heard that one thing leads to another.  Volunteering with Women of the Summit has led to other opportunities close to Consuelo’s heart,  namely, early childhood education.  She was appointed to the Summit County Preschool Board of Directors in August 2012, and elected as Chairman (Chair-Woman) in January 2013, where she has been learning how the school is run while working on fundraising and grants to support this non-profit program.  One of the new programs just initiated is communicating information about the programs offered by the school to both parents and the community.

While we can’t wait to see what Consuelo does next . . . take a moment at our next meeting to introduce yourself to Consuelo and listen to her lovely family stories . . .

United Professional Management, Inc.
524 Galena Street, Suite A
Frisco, Colorado
P O Box 4522
Frisco, Colorado  80443-4522

Phone: (970) 668-8400