April Luncheon: Get Productive!

2 things: will you join us for lunch this month, and can you help count BBQ tickets?

For the latter, 6 volunteers are needed on Sunday, June 18, from 9am til 1pm (last year it took us a bit less than 4 hours). You will get $10 worth of tickets and a T-shirt. The money we get from the town for undertaking this task goes directly to our scholarship fund for highschool graduates. If you can help please email me at jolinak@gmail.com. Thank you!

Now, on to lunch:

This month we are delighted to welcome Productivity and Efficiency Expert Julie Miller Davis. She will be helping us learn how to Prioritize with Power.

Many women business owners are so busy being busy that they are in their own way, keeping themselves from reaching their goals!  In this talk, Julie Miller Davis will address three ways business women are too busy to get anything done and the remedies that can be put in place so that GOALS CAN BE MET!  Find out how much time you really have in 24 hours and how to say NO to the things coming at you all day every day and how to say YES to success and the time to make things happen!

Talk Objectives:  To help my audience:
*       Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Business Owners Make
*       Reach and Surpass goals with Intentional Action
*       Reduce Stress to increase Productivity and Profits
*       STOP saying “Yes” to EVERYTHING!

About Julie
A driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their goals, Julie Miller Davis works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through road blocks to reach their goals with excellence.  She has led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds escalate their own businesses and achieve goals they may never have thought possible.  Her super power of out-of-the-box thinking uncovers new ways to solve business stagnation, resulting in growth and propelling her clients into new and exciting directions.

See you on Thursday April 20!

Buffalo Mtn Room, County Commons Building,

Frisco, Co

Registration begins at 11:45AM

We will end at 1:00 PM

Please RSVP so FoodHedz knows how many of us to cater for.


First time guests: $10

Repeat guests: $20

Affiliate Members: $15

Business and Individual members: $0


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