November 2013 – Kelly Frechette

Please join us for this month’s luncheon. Yoga instructor, Kelly Frechette will be our facilitator. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Kelly will describe the concept of thankfulness in yoga. Having a gratitude practice in your daily life can improve your business and daily life, making you more present, calm and centered. Sharing some thoughts, movements and simple breathing techniques, we will learn some tools to help us recognize that abundance is our true nature. With an attitude of gratitude, our careers and our lives thrive.

Kelly has been teaching yoga in Summit County with an open and grateful heart for nearly 10 years. She shares knowledge from more than 1,000 hours of training with highly dedicated, certified teachers, and what she has learned from her own personal practices and life experience. While studying in India in 2007, Kelly realized that yoga is not just about the asana (the yoga postures). Yoga is more about being grateful for your abundance every day.  Kelly shares her dedication to enhancing her students’ lives through an attitude of gratitude.

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