July 2013-Joy Fuestel

Get Social with Social Media Specifics with Joyce

Joyce Feustel, your social media concierge and founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor, provides personalized social media tutoring and social media training to people new, or relatively new, to such social media websites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Got groups?

Joyce will show us how to effectively use Facebook and Linked In to promote our companies. She will demonstrate ways to use the groups and events features of Facebook to attract more customers and engage more with current customers.

And, using examples from the audience, she will show us how to gather helpful information via the groups feature of LinkedIn. Plus she will demonstrate ways to connect strategically with people in your industry and pick up nuggets of wisdom from them.

Please bring your phone or laptop to the lunch.

Joyce is a consultant for the NW Colorado Small Business Development Center.

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