September 16th Luncheon Speakers


This month The Mountain Majesty Chorus will be performing for us. The Mountain Majesty Chorus is a 12 member non profit a cappella chorus group whose repertoire includes songs from the era of the 1920’s up to present day.   The Mountain Majesty Chorus is a group of women singers committed to enhancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony.  Barbershop singing is an exhilarating and glorious experience — inspiring to the singers and to the listeners.  Emotionally satisfying, barbershop singing is a uniquely American musical art form as it is not bound by the printed page. The Mountain Majesty Chorus hopes that the Women of the Summit will find their musical selection satisfying to their heart and to their mind.  Words or points to absorb and reflect upon would be not limited to, but would most certainly include compassion, courage, commitment, and a compelling desire to reach new echelons of musical excellence.Location: Buffalo Mountain Room at County Commons, Frisco, CO
Date: Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Time: Check in is at 11:45 with lunch beginning at 12:00
Catered by: Foodhedz
Sponsor: TBA