February 18, 2010 Luncheon


Jolina owns Awakenings in Colorado, and is the co-founder of the Quantum Loving Institute. She has conducted workshops in the US, England and South Africa to share her understanding of psycho-spiritual development and healing gleaned from 25 years of study in the fields of psychology, sociology, somatic therapies and holistic healing practices. In her private practice she consults with an international clientele on personal and professional development, relationship management and health issues.

Jolina holds degrees and certificates in Psychology, Sociology, Behavioral Kinesiology, The Demartini Method, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and various somatic therapies.


The Surprising Wisdom of Dolphins – 3 things we can learn from dolphins to improve our health, wealth and happiness
1. How to function on half a brain. Perhaps you think this is how you’re operating already. Well, guess what? It is! Well, almost. Half a mind, is more accurate. Find out how this is happening, how to locate the other half of your mind, and what gifts it holds for you as you awaken to its power.

2. What your breath can tell you about your relationships. No, I’m not talking halitosis. Although that will certainly affect your tête-à-tête’s, it will not inform you about which of the three types of relationships you are engaging in at any given moment…and how to shift them.

3. Sometimes a little tail slapping is just the thing to get you back in your flow….
“To the dolphin alone, beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advantage”. Plutarch

Location: Buffalo Mountain Room at County Commons, Frisco, CO
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010~ Time: check in is at 11:45 with lunch beginning at 12:00
Catered by: Food Hedz
Sponsor: World Homeopathy – An Acute Care Consultation – Value $75
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